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The Cybertruck is truly Revolutionary on several levels:

• It’s pure function over form. Honestly, why does it matter what the vehicle looks like if it’s better and safer and performs the functions its designed for better than its predecessors (and even creates new functions that no vehicle has ever included before, including a pressurized version someday being the official truck of Mars)?

• The exoskeleton frame. You get more room inside and you can use the weight of the steel frame as protection for the whole vehicle, making it impervious to sledgehammer blows and bullet-proof. And imagine all the little trees and other obstacles you can simply drive through when you’re on the ranch. After more than a century of building a car around a steel frame with different covers on it, we’ve finally got a new design.

• The form is strangely beautiful, and it grows on you. Dollars to donuts, will it be five or 10 years before the majority of cars and trucks hitting the market have an exoskeleton and are a knock-off design of the Cybertruck?

• The top-of-the-line truck’s specs are a true game-changer, with the 500-mile range being the most Revolutionary. 14,000 pounds towing? Faster than a Porsche? Air-up your own tires or run air compressor tools from the vehicle? Am I dreaming? 2022 can’t come soon enough, and my wife has us one of the first in queue with our preorder for the top model with the tri-motor. We’ll also include the ATV upgrade when it’s time.

• I’ve talked to people as disparate as urban hipsters to owners of a rural well drilling company who can’t wait to get their hands on this Cybertruck. And everybody has been talking about Tesla and the Cybertruck and the smashed unbreakable windows at the debut event (I think it was done on purpose) getting Tesla tens of millions of dollars in free marketing for the vehicles they’re already selling.

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